The history of JSC “Namanganvino” originates from July 1, 1939, when the wine “Namangan” was selected from the composition of the Kokan winery company as an independent enterprise. On February 19, 1941,  Order was issued to join the wine factories of the Turakurgan, Chust and Shahand to the Namangan wine factory. The plant, with its processing facilities adjacent to it, was organizationally formed as an independent economic sub-contract on March 1, 1941.

In 1982, the decision of the executive committee of the region in the village of Verkhny Raustan was built a new shop for bottling vodka and in 1983 the enterprise was completely relocated.

In 1994, the enterprise Namangan winery was renamed into agrofirma “Namanganvino”, which, in addition to the plant, included 5 collective farms and state farms.

Based on the order of the Namangan regional department of the State Property Committee under the number 128 / 081-0 dated May 25, 1995, “Namangan winery” was transformed into an open joint-stock company “Namanganvino”